Nintendo resolves Joy-Con connectivity problems with foam

Heads up to the McGyver in Nintendo Japan who found the solution

Following the launch of the Nintendo Switch, many users were faced with what we call now the dreaded “Joy-Con connectivity”. Placed under certain circumstances, your left Joy-Con could experience issues linking with the main system. It got so far that Amazon UK started to offer refunds and Nintendo was forced to address a temporary tutorial to “fix” the problem while they look for a more permanent solution. And it looks like their salvation came in the form of a… peace of foam.

The peculiar information comes from CNET journalist Sean Hollister. In his report, he says that he called Nintendo’s Customer Service to address his Joy-Con connectivity issue and was offered to send his controller to have it repaired. Once he got it back, he just opened it to see what changed compared to a photo previously taken. And there it was: a little piece of conductive foam, sitting on top of the controller’s antenna. This McGyver fix apparently totally works, this kind of foam is known to shield electronics from RF interference.

It’s also good to know that the Joy-Con sold on Amazon since a few days apparently don’t reiterate the connectivity problem. Nintendo might have already ordered its manufacturers to incorporate this foam in the assembling process. So if you still experience connectivity issues with your Joy-Con, all you have to do is open it up and place a conductive foam just like on the picture below.

Joy-Con Issue Fix Foam


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