Switch Pro Controller Mod with Xbox Elite Controller parts

Please Nintendo, create an official version of this!

Everyone who tried the Switch Pro Controller so far is positive on the fact that it’s one of the best controllers they’ve hand in their hands so far. The grip feels natural, buttons aren’t stiff and respond perfectly, HD Rumble feels amazing and NFC functionality is a big plus. But even if the experience is almost perfect whit the Pro Controller, it doesn’t mean it can’t get better. That’s why someone thought of a Switch Pro Controller Mod using parts from the Xbox Elite Controller, the second almost-perfect gamepad there is out there.

Reddit user PirouzAaron (aka The Curious Consumer on YouTube) disassembled Nintendo’s controller, bought an Xbox One Elite Component Kit, trimmed some things here and there, to finally come up with is a Switch “Elite” Controller gamepad with swappable thumbsticks and D-pads. He made a video of the process if you want to check this out. We must say this is really a genius idea. Next step is to add the other functionalities of the Xbox Elite pad (trigger locks, paddles, button mapping). Super Smash Bros. or Street Fighter could get really hardcore!

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