Pokémon TCG Sun & Moon: Guardians Rising launching May 5th

The new Pokemon TCG expansion "Guardians Rising" is confirmed!

The Pokémon Company just announced the next expansion for Pokémon TCG! Hold on to your seats, its full name is “Pokémon Trading Card Game Sun & Moon – Guardians Rising”, and it will release on May 5th.

Set in the tropical region of Alola, this second expansion will add 140 Pokémon and Item cards to the full set available so far, with a totally new graphic design. They will feature 10 new Pokémon-GX, 3 Supporter Cards, and Alola Island’s guardians Tapu Koko & Tapu Lele. Being part of the Alola generation, the local forms of classic Pokémon will be included, as well as Kahuna Hala, Captain Mallow, Lycanroc or even Kommo-o.

And as usual, you’ll have the possibility to buy 10-cards booster packs ($3.99) and two 60-cards theme decks ($12.99 per deck) featuring the Legendary Solgaleo & Lunala. All of those will include special codes to unlock their virtual equivalents in Pokemon TCG Online.


Pokémon TCG Sun & Moon – Guardians Rising will release in Europe and North America on May 5th.





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