Cyanogen refused to partner with Nintendo for the Switch OS

The Android developer told Nintendo to "stick it"... bad move

Back when the Switch was still called the NX and that all we could do to pass the time was elaborate lots of theories, there was this rumour that Nintendo would choose an Android-based Operating System for their next system. Now that the Switch is out we clearly know that it’s not the case, but apparently that rumour wasn’t totally wrong. We just got the news that the Cyanogen team was approached by Nintendo to create an Android OS. But apparently he turned them down, the unfriendly way.

According to a now surprisingly deleted series of tweets posted by Kirt McMaster (former CEO of Cyanogen), Nintendo made them the offer of a partnership with the aim to create the next OS of their hybrid system, based on an Android interface. But apparently, Cyanogen told the Japanese company to “stick it”, without further explanations. Bad move guys. Now that the Android OS-modding company is dismantled and can only look back on its mistakes, it seems that McMaster turned his coat and is more… obedient. But there’s little chance for him to get a call back from Nintendo.


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