Radiant Historia is back for a remake on 3DS releasing June 29th

Atlus is reviving the DS title Radiant Historia

For those of you who’ve sticked with the Nintendo DS and didn’t make the plunge for the 3DS right away when it came out, you might remember Radiant Historia. This game developed by Atlus was a truly fascinating Chrono Trigger style RPG involving time travel, effects of your actions and multiple endings. But sadly, it didn’t receive enough sales and fell in the limbs of the DS catalogue. But it’s not the end of the story. Today, Atlus announced the revival of the series, with a remake on 3DS called Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology!

First details of the game emerged from the Famitsu magazine, and here they are. This new title will have the same story as the original, but with enhanced graphics, new visuals for cut scenes and a new opening animation. Players will also have the ability to choose a new difficulty level (possibly unlocking special content, nothing is said), and two game modes when you start playing:

  • Perfect Mode: start with the New Sub-Story. Then, you can play the Standard Story & Alternate Story.
  • Append Mode: start with Standard Story & Alternate Story. Then, you unlock the New Sub-Story.

You’ll find below details on the history of the main characters, as well as comments from director Mitsuru Hirano, courtesy of Gematsu. Atlus will show more of Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology on their “New Title Announcement Special Spring 2017” live stream on March 26th (3-6am PT/ET, 11am-12pm UK/Europe). You can watch if on Niconico and Fresh.

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology is scheduled to be released in Japan on June 29th.

Stocke A spy belonging to Alistel’s Special Intelligence agents. He possesses the White Chronicle, which allows him to traverse the timeline.

NemesiaA mysterious girl that appears before Stocke. She holds the key to the new scenario, “Sub-History,” and is traveling in search of a mysterious material known as the “artifact.”

What’s the story behind developing a full remake?

“Thanks to everyone’s longstanding support, the build up of wanting to release this title has has risen even within Atlus. Since providing a world experience is essential in an RPG, we kept in mind not to change that impression. We reviewed the playability and improved it overall.”

What kind of story is the Sub-History?

“The third history that is neither the Standard History or the Alternate History is the Sub-History. The Sub-History is not just a single parallel world—the treatment of characters and timeline interpretation, how the Sub-History was born, each of these is different from the Standard History and Alternate History.”



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