A mod adds Zero Suit Samus in Street Fighter 5

A new foe has appeared...

Once again, the modding community breaks another frontier between games. Since the release of Street Fighter 5 on PC, and the possibility to add mods to it, players have had a blast adding all sorts of characters from other franchises. Mei or Tracer (Overwatch), Iron Man, April O’Neil, and even Nathan Drake are part of the not-so-official roster of Street Fighter 5 now. And this time, it’s the turn of our beloved Samus to get in the ring.

The superb creation comes from modder Khaledantar666, who modelled Zero Suit Samus as a replacement of Cammy in the fighters list. The set moves and combo lists hasn’t changed, so you won’t really feel totally like you’re playing with the real Samus Aran in Super Smash Bros, but it’s already pretty convincing in combat.

Sadly, this mod isn’t free, but you can buy it for almost nothing compared to an usual DLC price. It’s on the Patreon page of Khaledantar666.




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