Shovel Knight could expand into a full 3D game

Yacht Club Games would love to give Shovel Knight a 3D revamp

One of the things we love in the Shovel Knight games is that they are true 2D 8-bit side-scrolling platformer. Even though the 3DS versions benefit from a 3D depth effect, the graphic design and overall gameplay stick to the “golden age” of video games, as some might call it. But a great franchise never stays the same, it keeps reinventing itself, pushing its boundaries. And that’s exactly what Yacht Club Games want to do by giving Shovel Knight a 3D revamp.

Following the interview of Sean Velasco – Director at Yacht Club Games – where he expressed his interest to have new amiibo based on other Knights, we learn today on Reddit that the studio would love to give a 3D transition to the franchise. Recalling their obsession for Mario 64 and Zelda OoT, they don’t announce anything (yet?) but give us the feeling that we might see more of the 3D Yooka-Laylee-style Shovel Knight somewhere down the road.



“We are dying to bring SK to 3D. We very much want to make that transition, the same way Mario and Zelda and so many classic games had to. We are all also very obsessed with Mario 64, and we would hope to one day make a 3D platformer as fun, engaging, surprising, and thrilling as it! In many ways, it is a style of 3D platformer that hasn’t really been explored since. Most 3D platformers went the collectible route instead.”

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