Seiken Densetsu 3 is coming to the Switch Virtual Console

The Legend of the Sacred Sword is back, with its best episode!

Oh boy!! While we’re still waiting for signs of the Virtual Console on the Nintendo Switch, Square-Enix just decided to drop a massive teaser. The Twitter account of Seiken PR shared this morning a backstage video showing the Square-Enix teams playing none other than Seiken Densetsu 3, with Joy-Con controllers. The tweet says nothing more than “#聖剣伝説”, translated “#Seiken Densetsu”.

This is really great news since it will be the first time that the third instalment of the Mana series comes on a Virtual Console. Even though it’s the most beloved episode from the JRPG “Seiken” franchise. This short teaser also confirms that Nintendo and third-party developers are really trying to prepare a catalogue for the upcoming Switch VC. We also hope that Square-Enix will add the two previous Seiken Densetsu on it.

Now, all we need is a release date!




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