Patent hints that Miitopia could be released in North America for Nintendo 3DS

The successful StreetPass mini-game Quest comes back in a stand alone game

Back in November, Nintendo Japan announced in a special Direct the upcoming 3DS game Miitopia, a simple but clever stand-alone take on the successful StreetPass mini-game “Quest”. This new RPG brings back the famous Miis to make you live a new adventure, where you’ll have stop a diabolical enemy from stealing your friends’ faces. The game released in December 8th on Nintendo 3DS family systems, but it’s only available in Japan… for now.

A new trademark filled by Nintendo on February 28th suggests that players in North America could head their way in the weeks to come. Of course, “just” a patent doesn’t confirm release, the company has been renewing other patents since a few years now just to secure the name (ex. Eternal Darkness, Wave Race). But its quick success in the Japanese territory and the warm welcome of other Mii-related games in North America could just be the reason for a release of Miitopia in the west.




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