Game Freak expands its team for what seems to be Pokémon Switch

Game Freak's developers team is looking for a Motion Modeler

The months preceding reveal and release of the Nintendo Switch was filled with rumors of all sorts. Some were on the system itself, like the one stating that the company would include a Supplemental Computing Device as part of the system, and some were on the games. Lots and lots of games were hinted to make a comeback on what was called at the time the Nintendo NX. We all wanted (we still do) to have a comeback of big franchises like Metroid, F-Zero, WaveRace… There was also this recurrent rumor of a Pokémon Switch, possibly a complement of Pokemon Sun & Moon. Today, Game Freak might be giving us a hint that they’re working on it.

Japanese recruiting website Indeed is showing a new offer to join Game Freak’s developers team, as a Motion Modeler. The company is looking for a talent who has experience making models on Wii U & PSVita, and experience with the 3D computer graphics software Autodesk Maya. But the most interesting thing is that they want someone who can “produce models of characters, monsters and items, and deformed materials with toon rendering“.

Game Freak has a freshly released game they could recruit for, if they intend to have upcoming DLC: Giga Wrecker. But the Motion Modeler contract is for a non specified “consumer game development project” and it extends up until May 2018, so this is for a different game. Let’s hope our Pokémon Switch is on the way.


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