Capcom’s Shintaro Kojima hints a possible Monster Hunter for the Switch

No big surprises there, but it's always good to know it's coming

Let’s face it, Monster Hunter is one of the biggest franchise playable on the Nintendo systems. In the last five years, we’ve had no less than seven MH games (including the spin-offs) on Wii U & 3DS, and that’s without even counting Monster Hunter XX, coming March 18th in Japan. Capcom’s Action-RPG sold over 12 million copies on the 3DS alone, so saying “Monster Hunter is coming on the Nintendo Switch” is an evidence given the success of BigN latest system. But it’s always good to know that the developers at Capcom are thinking about giving us the Monster Hunter experience on it.

And the info comes from Takashi Mochizuki (Tech Reporter for the Wall Street Journal), who recently had a few minutes with Shintaro Kojima (Producer of the MH series at Capcom). When asked if the series was coming to the Switch, Kojima of course didn’t reveal anything, but he sort of hinted that we should get something right after the 3DS episode Monster Hunter XX. Reading his answer, we could even think that “Double Cross” could have a makeover for the Switch, but that’s far fetched.


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