Nintendo Japan thank the fans with Zelda Breath of the Wild wallpapers

Two gorgeous Zelda wallpapers to celebrate the success of the game

It’s now a certainty that first Switch sales results are blasting way higher than first estimates. So much that customer demand is hard to answer right now and Nintendo has to double the production rhythm of the console. And if the hybrid concept of BigN’s new system is clearly a big selling point, having The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as the main launch title was the best marketing move that Nintendo could ever make. So now is the time to cheer! As a big thank you to its fans, Nintendo Japan is offering Zelda Breath of the Wild themed wallpapers, for computers and smartphones.

The first wallpaper features the heroic Champions from Breath of the Wild, painted in shades of greyish colors. It’s beautiful as much as it is full of meaning, but you’ll have to play the game to understand it fully. The second wallpaper speaks to all the Zelda fans, especially those who are here since the beginning. It features the original Link (The Legend of Zelda) passing on the “legacy”, the Master Sword, to none other than Link (Breath of the Wild). This is a really strong image that calls out far in our little gamer hearts. Thank you for that Nintendo, truly, thank you.

All the wallpapers in different sizes are available on Nintendo Japan official website.

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