Super Mario Run will release for Android on March 23rd

The Mushroom Kingdom comes to Android at the end of the month

The one-finger mobile runner game from Nintendo “Super Mario Run” was released on iOS back in December, leaving Android users in the wait. Luckily, this was only a timed exclusive for iPhone/iPad users. Now, our beloved heroes from the Mushroom Kingdom are ready to conquer new territories.

The Twitter account Nintendo Japan just made an official announcement, Super Mario Run for Android will be out on March 23rd. Since this date comes from the Japanese account of Nintendo, we don’t have a clear confirmation that the game will be available in other countries. But if the release schedule is the same one as the iOS launch, it should be downloadable in other countries the same day.

If you haven’t done it yet, you can register on the Google App Store to get a mobile notification when the game is available. It will be free-to-play but only for the first stages. You’ll have to part with some coins if you want to buy the whole experience.

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