Shovel Knight developers would love more amiibo from their games

Yacht Club Games Director wants to bring them all

Aside from the fact that it’s a pretty cool figurine, the Shovel Knight amiibo was the first one of a non-Nintendo character, made for a non-Nintendo game. It paved the way to lots of other studios to create their own little NFC heroes. And now, Shovel Knight developers Yacht Club Games had a taste of the success of these amiibo, and they want more.

In a recent interview, Sean Velasco – Director at Yacht Club Games – talked about the release of Shovel Knight Treasure Trove and the DLC Specter of Torment on Nintendo Switch. He went on with the fact that Nintendo’s support was great to have their new games releasing on the Switch. He even said that the studio is considering selling a physical version in the near future.

He then was asked about how the partnership with Nintendo came up to create the first third-party amiibo. Answering to that, he gave us a hint on possibly more amiibo from the Shovel Knight series. At least that’s what he’d love to do. Plague Knight, Specter Knight and King Knight first came to mind as favorites. And man that would be great to have those on our shelves!

“As far as more amiibo go… man, wouldn’t it be cool to see amiibo of Plague Knight, Specter Knight, and King Knight!? That would be amazing. Maybe some day.”


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