Nintendo doubled Switch production to answer demand

The system is clearly a success, more than expected

First official sales reports from North America and Europe retailers confirm the Switch receives a strong demand from players. We see stock shortages in almost all gaming shops, and official estimates of Switch sales are that Nintendo will ship 2 million units for the whole month of March. Encouraging numbers that convinced Nintendo to order a boost of rhythm to its manufacturers, up to double the units production for the first year. The Wall Street Journal reports that BigN “plans to manufacture 16 million or more in year starting April 1st, up from an initial plan for eight million“.

Pre-launch, analysts first slated for Switch sales up to only 5 million units in its first year. A weak estimation due to the launch price tag of the system that was thought high ($299/£280/299€) and especially for a pack without games included. But this did not take into account the overwhelming success of launch title The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and of parallel support from third-party and indie developers.


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