Cloud Saves could come to Nintendo Switch

The feature seems to be here but Nintendo hasn't activated it

The Nintendo Switch might be a beautiful piece of technology, it stick lacks some features that should be basic for a ‘next gen’ console. One of them is the cloud saves. As we’ve already covered here, “Switch save data is stored in the console’s system memory, and currently cannot be copied to any external storage medium for backup purposes (or any other reason)”. This means that our saves can’t even be backed up on Nintendo’s cloud servers, just in case our system is broken. But looks like it’s all rubbish. Nintendo apparently has a cloud save system that only them can access, for now.

Reddit user Patsuann explains that he sent his Switch to Nintendo for repair after experiencing the unfamous Joy-Con connectivity and Wi-Fi issues. And when customer support sent him back his system, he noticed a slight change: a cloud icon next to his Zelda Breath of the Wild tile. And when he tried to launch the game, the system prompted for an update and brought his save back. Here’s a video of his discovery.

Other Reddit users answered in the thread that maybe Nintendo did a standard NAND swap (ie. transferring the internal save data of the broken system to his new one), either via a homemade software or even just by swapping the chip on the daughterboard. There are still some uncertainties here, but we really hope that if Nintendo has the ability to upload cloud save games to a cloud system, it will come as a feature of the Nintendo Online Account.


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