Switch loading times: cartridges vs microSD vs internal storage

Which one is the fastest to load your Nintendo Switch games?

Let’s be honest here, Nintendo Switch games are loading faster than any other console right now. It’s just a pure joy to see your console boot up and have your game ready to play in less than 1 minutes, where competitors are still waiting for the welcome screen of their system to load. But we’re never gonna say no to something even faster are we?

That’s why Digital Foundry wondered which one of the three storage methods on Nintendo Switch is the fastest: cartridges, microSD or internal storage. They loaded the most played game at the moment on Nintendo’s console – Zelda Breath of the Wild – and did some benchmark tests. Without much surprise, it’s always faster to have your game already installed on the internal storage. But the difference is merely visible. Here’s the video if you want to see the difference.




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