Sonic Forces: first infos and gameplay video

Project Sonic 2017 becomes Sonic Forces

We told you a few days ago that Project Sonic 2017, the new game from the Sonic Team, would be revealed at SXSW Gaming (March 16–18, 2017 Austin, TX). Well, the Gotta Go Fast panel with Takashi Iizuka – Head of Sonic Team – has just happened and here’s all the info we’ve got. Project Sonic 2017 is now called “Sonic Forces”!

Inspirations and new engine

Sonic Forces is a whole new instalment in the franchise of the faster-than-ever hedgehog’s adventures. It’s been developed taking inspiration from both Sonic Generations and Sonic Colors, and just as always, it’s packed with fast-action gameplay. A totally new graphics engine has been built for Sonic Forces: the Hedgehog Engine 2. It’s an evolution of the engine that the team used in the previous best games, with a focus on an improved rendering of light reflecting on items and water, and on fast shadows display. In other words, it’s better and faster than ever.

Heroes and Gameplay

Now, about the gameplay. We’ve already seen back in the announcement video from July 2016 at San Diego Comic-Con that the game would feature at least Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic teaming up against forces of evil. Now, we have another hero in the team! That’s right, Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic are welcoming a third unknown character, not Tails or Knuckles. We just don’t know yet who it is but we’ll know soon enough. The Sonic Team also confirmed that the wisp power-ups will make a return, with a reworked boost feature. The levels will also have multiple paths.

Iizuka finished the panel with the confirmation that more interesting information will be revealed in the next couple of months. We know leave you with some official gameplay footage shared by SEGA Europe.

Sonic Forces will hit the shelves this holiday season.


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