Star Wars Rogue Squadron and Turrican studio Factor 5 is back in the game

Factor 5 Studio reopens its doors, with original IPs acquired

If you remember the good ol’ days of the Nintendo64 and the GameCube, you must remember the Rogue Squadron games  And if you even remember the Commodore64 or maybe the SEGA Genesis, you can’t have forgotten Turrican. Well, these games series were done by Factor 5. One of those studios that shone in the lights of the 20th century but went black as soon as the new generation came. But guess what, Factor 5 is back in the game!


In an interview with Spieleveteranen, Julian Eggebrecht – Co-Founder of Factor 5 – announced that the studio is resurrected, and they even got the right of their original IP Turrican. So there little doubt that we might see a new Turrican on the Switch in a few months. Yeah we know, you wanted to hear that they also have Rogue Squadron and a new one is coming. But no, this baby belongs to Disney now.

Eggebrecht also took a few minutes to talk about the Switch and compare it to the Wii U, the Xbox One, and the PS4. If you care to have a look, here’s the full article.



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