Splatoon 2 Global Testfire: details on arenas, weapons and match mode

Nintendo gave the details on what's coming in Splatoon 2 Testfire

Nintendo has planned a Global Testfire for upcoming multiplayer game Splatoon 2, from March 24th to 26th. And as an introduction to it, they have given more details on the arena, weapons and match mode.

This demo will feature two arenas: Battera Street and Barnacles Sports Club. First one is a Japanese style arena, where old traditional Japan architecture meets the concrete of Splatoon city. The second one is more of a rockclimbing arena. Both of them are randomly chosen, as 4v4 Turf War match. All players will be equipped with one of the 4 weapons available (new Splat Dualies, new Splat Roller or Splat Charger).


You can pre-charge the Global Testfire Splatoon 2 demo on Nintendo Switch right now. The servers will be up and running from March 24th to 26th. Splatoon 2 full game will release later this summer, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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