Permadeath announced in Fire Emblem Heroes with April update

There's no Fire Emblem without permadeath

Ask any fan of the franchise, there’s no Fire Emblem without permadeath. This is a way of living (or dying actually…), a way of playing with the thrill of the battlefield. Every move you make has a meaning, it’s not just like any RPG where losing is followed by a “Continue?“. And this is one of the reasons why the Fire Emblem franchise is so popular.

There’s no permadeath in Fire Emblem Heroes, so the fans of the series think that this mobile game is just a mere interpretation of the true Fire Emblem experience. But it’s all going to change. The developers announced a major update through in-game notifications, the “April Update”. Along with new battle modes, arena fixes, and an additional way to collect feathers, they gave us a glimpse of upcoming classic Fire Emblem style events.

We don’t know yet when those events will occur. However, the development team has confirmed that there will be some kind of permadeath in them. You won’t definitely lose your characters, you “just” won’t be able to revive them as long as this event is running. Not yet the core Fire Emblem feeling but hey, that’s something.

“Although it is currently under development, we can not tell you in detail yet, but we are in the process of developing an event that requires capture under circumstances in which collapsed fellows do not resurrect. For both fans of the series and those who are not, we are developing with the aim of enjoying thrilling play like the past Fire Emblem series.”


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