Charles Martinet will attend Oz Comic-Con in Australia

The one and only voice of Mario will be at Oz Comic-Con

Charles Martinet is without a doubt one of the most beloved voice actors in the gaming industry, at least for all the Nintendo fans. His many many many contributions to Mario video games, as the one and only official voice of Mario, is sculpted in all our memories since the day we heard “It’s-a-me, Mario!” for the first time. Of course, Charles Martinet also gives his voice to Baby Mario, Luigi, Baby Luigi, Wario, Waluigi and Toadsworth. So you can’t avoid him if you’ve ever played a Nintendo game before.

And if you happen to live in Australia, you’re in for a treat. Martinet will attend the Oz Comic-Con 2017 in Perth (March 25th – 26th) and Adelaide (April 1st – 2nd)! He will be an honorary guest alongside other TV & Film stars, like Jason Momoa (Stargate AtlantisAquaman), Arthur Darvill (Dr WhoLegends of Tomorrow) or even Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica).

So what do we say to that? Let’s-a-go, okidoki !!!

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