Sonic Mania: interview with the team and some gameplay

Nintendo World Report interviewed Aaron Webber at Sonic Team

After having a first video glimpse at some classic 2D style side-scrolling gameplay in Green Hill Zone – Act 2, here’s new info about Sonic Mania. Nintendo World Report interviewed Aaron Webber – Head of Sonic’s PR team – during PAX East 2017 and not much has been said but there’s still some things there.  We also get to see live footage of the game running.

First, Webber confirmed that Sonic Mania will release on all platforms, Nintendo Switch included, and that the game’s price won’t be different across all platforms (a little kick in the nuts of Tequila works there…). He also talked about a potential compatibility with Switch’s Pro Controller but nothing confirmed yet. The Sonic Team still has some months to corner that, we’ll have to wait a little more to know what’s specific to the Switch version.

Sonic Mania is set to release on Nintendo Switch in Q2 2017.



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