Miitomo updated with new drop stage

Cyberpunk streetwear making its way into your Miitomo wardrobe

While most of you spend your time either on the Nintendo Switch, on Fire Emblem Heroes or on Super Mario Run, Nintendo keeps alive his first mobile game Miitomo. Today, a new set content is released for the Miitomo Drop mini-game. It’s called “Jack in to fashion! Cyberpunk streetwear #1”. You can go grab them right now (after updating your game of course) in the Shop Tab, in exchange of Coins/Game Tickets.

Here’s what this Miitomo Cyberpunk Streetware update features. And if you want to grab them without wasting too much of your ingame money, here’s a short video with quick tips.

  • HUD tee
  • Set “Hyperspace Dress”
  • Set “Hyperspace Boots”
  • Set “Hyperspace Wings”


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