Four new amiibo from Super Smash Bros. are on their way

The thing is, we don't know which one they are... yet

Your amiibo collection is about to get a little bit bigger. Four amiibo bigger to be precise. That’s right, there are new amiibo series on the way, it’s just been spotted. Reddit user Amiibofan101 looked at CPSIA Certificates and found four amiibo from the Super Smash Bros. series that don’t match the ones already available. Which means that Nintendo is about to reveal them.

Now, the thing is we don’t know which one they are yet. Bayonetta, Corrin and Cloud are most likely to be chosen ones, but which will be the fourth? Reddit users are having fun trying to give possibilities. The most liked comment right now  is “Pink Gold Peach / Baby Wario / Metal Jigglypuff / Mercedes Benz SUV” and we must say, the Mercedes amiibo would be genius (an obvious reference to the WTF DLC in Mario Kart 8). Jokes aside, a lot of fans want the last one to be Ice Climbers. We’ll have to wait a little more for an official announcement from Nintendo.



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