Amazon UK offering full refunds on Joy-Con issues

Faced with the same issue, we contacted Amazon UK and got a refund

There’s been a lot of conversations around the Joy-Con connectivity issues over the past days. On one side Nintendo just addressed a to-do list to avoid disturbance when placed under certain circumstances, on the other side Digital Foundry and Eurogamer confirm de-sync issues by breaking down the controller. But overall, some gamers still experience problems and can’t have the full experience. It has now elevated to the point where Amazon UK is offering full refunds for complaints, as long as it is legit.

This happened a few minutes ago: after several disturbance issues of a non-responding left Joy-Con on our Nintendo Switch, we decided to contact the retailer Amazon UK (where our non-press second system was bought). After a few minutes explaining our problem to the understanding person from Amazon Customer Service, he first offered us a partial refund of £41.99 (15% of total console price). An offer that we turned down for the simple reason that it doesn’t cover the price of a Joy-Con replacement, £69.99. After telling him so, he complied to a full refund as a gift card.

Conclusion? If you have connectivity issues with your Joy-Cons, Amazon UK can offer refunds.

Nintendo Switch JoyCon Amazon UK Replacement

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