Super Bomberman R sales are the highest of the franchise

Bomberman has never been so successful on a console

Looks like Konami made the right choice releasing a new Bomberman on the hybrid console of Nintendo. Gamekult journalist Oscar Lemaire shared on his Twitter account a Famitsu graph showing side by side the launch sales of every Bomberman sold in Japan (physical copies only). And guess what, Super Bomberman R for Nintendo Switch is waaay higher than any other sale… ever!

40 000 copies of the game were sold in its first week, which is approximately the cumulated sales of all other Bomberman games. This is definitely a win for Konami, and prepare yourself to see other games from the editor. They previously said that if Super Bomberman R was a hit, it would only be a matter of time to see other franchises on Switch. Fancy a Contra, or a Suikoden?

Super Bomberman R Sales


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