LEGO Worlds studio explains why Switch version still isn’t here

Where the hell is LEGO Worlds for Switch?

Those of you who are eager to get their hands on LEGO Worlds for Nintendo Switch might have a little problem. While the game is already out on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC since March 7th, it still hasn’t showed up on the Switch. Why oh LEGO god, why?

The guys at Nextn had the exact same question. So during an interview with Chris Rose – associate producer at TT Games – they popped the question. And his answer isn’t reassuring at all. Rose confessed that their studio decided to develop LEGO Worlds on Switch back in January, and the project only started in February. Ok, Nintendo’s new console might be easy for developers to port their games on, but they’re never gonna port a game that fast. Looks like we won’t see LEGO Worlds on Switch until at least September, or even the end of 2017.


“We decided to make this version on January. We were looking at the development of LEGO City Undercover, so we asked the team ‘How are you going with that?’ and the answer was truly positive, testers were very happy with it. Then, we said: ‘Ok, let’s try it [bringing LEGO Worlds to Switch]’, we started to do programming things and testing some optimisations for the graphics engine. This started like three weeks ago, on February. We think that having a portable version of the game is something really interesting, so we went for that.” – Chris Rose, associate producer, TT Games


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