I Am Setsuna gets Temporal Battle Arena DLC on Switch

Square Enix presents an exclusive DLC for the Switch version

Tokyo RPG Factory masterpiece I Am Setsuna is available since last year on PSVita/PS4 and just released on Nintendo Switch. So the first question that might pop in your head when you consider buying it is “What’s new in this version?“. This is why Square-Enix just released a video to present the Temporal Battle Arena DLC.

This exclusive free DLC for Nintendo Switch version is a party-on-party colosseum battle mode. The idea of the PvP mode will be to confront your three best characters versus an opponent’s champions team. It will be released in April for all regions and here’s a first glimpse in a video shared by Square-Enix during the PAX East.

These first minutes of gameplay seem a little light. It really looks like Tokyo RPG Factory rushed the development of this DLC, so we hope that when in hands we’ll really have a better experience than our first impression of it.


I Am Setsuna is available now on Nintendo Switch from the Nintendo eShop.


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