Hacker already broke the Nintendo Switch

A game is won by hackers but the war with Nintendo isn't over yet

The game of hide and seek between Nintendo and the hacker community has been a big deal in the last few years, especially with the Nintendo 3DS. But it looks like this time, the match is going to be short. Just nine days after its global launch, the Nintendo Switch has already been broken down by hackers.

The info comes directly from qwertyoruiop, a well-known hacker for iPhone and PS4 owners, who confirmed a few hours ago to have found an exploit in the hidden Switch browser. He was able to use a WebKit exploit stripped from its iOS-specific code, and applied it in the Switch to run his own code.

After a few hours, hacker LiveOverflow also confirmed the breach of Nintendo Switch system with a “Proof of Concept”. We’re still weeks or even months away from a proper exploit running emulators or illegal games on the Switch. And of course, this breach will be fixed by Nintendo in an upcoming firmware update. But having results in so little time is a clear way of saying that the game is on once more.



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