Pokémon Sun & Moon: Ash Hat Pikachu distribution in Japan for latest movie

Only in Japan for now, sorry...

The latest issue of Japanese magazine CoroCoro has appeared on the net and in it is revealed a special distribution for Pokémon Sun & Moon: “Ash Hat” Pikachu! This special Pikachu will come wearing several different hats worn by Ash in the Pokémon anime series. He will also hold a special Pikashumium Z Z-Crystal, which activates the Z-Move ‘10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt’. 

So, how can you get Ash Hat Pikachu? Well, you’ll have to live in Japan (or go there if you’re really a big fan) because the distribution is only announced there, as part of the celebration for the upcoming movie “Pocket Monsters the Movie: I Choose You!” in Japan. Codes will be given when moviegoers prebook their film tickets, and different hat versions will come depending on when you prebook them.

  • Original Cap : April 15th – May 1st / July 19th – July 31st.
  • Hoenn Cap: May 3rd – May 15th / August 2nd – August 14th.
  • Sinnoh Cap: May 17th – May 29th / August 16th – August 28th.
  • Unova Cap: May 31st – June 12th / August 30th – September 11th.
  • Kalos Cap: June 14th – June 26th / September 13th – 25th.
  • Alola Cap: June 28th – July 17th / September 27th – October 9th.

Ash Hat Pikachu 2


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