Switch GPU slightly drained by small firmware issue

Digital Foundry reports a small firmware problem impacting GPU

Well, this news is certainly not going to help Nintendo in its first weeks of Switch sales. Between the Joy-Con connectivity problem and the Switch Dock scratch-inducing front panel, you can now fit the firmware draining GPU resources.

Indeed, Digital Foundry recently passed indie Switch game Fast RMX under the benchmark and found out that there’s a small flaw in the system’s firmware, causing a slight drain in GPU resources. But you don’t have to push the alarm button, the problem is minor and only interferes with the adaptive resolution feature on Fast RMX. It’s not like all Switch games are loosing GPU power over graphics.

Digital Foundry reports that it will be fixed and it will ultimately improve system performance. There’s no details for now about impact on other games.

“From what we understand, there is a small issue with the current firmware on Switch which causes a slight drain on GPU resources – once corrected, we’re told that Fast RMX should sustain a full 1080p in docked mode.” – Digital Foundry



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