Nintendo Switch Dock Socks: a clever DIY upgrade to protect your console

Simple and beautiful. In other words, need.

You might be aware by now that the Nintendo Switch Dock has serious issues with the front panel, causing scratches on the screen of the console. This dock is quite a pain, and it’s even worse to know that at first, Nintendo thought of the Dock without a front panel. So, what are you going to do about that? Well, there’s the option of buying a screen protector but good luck with that. The good ones are sold out. Or, you could follow the tutorial we’ve shared to protect the inside of the dock. Not fashionable enough for you? Behold the “Dock Socks”.

These protective socks are made by Etsy creator MrGeeksBoutique. It’s a clever DIY upgrade to the nasty scratch-inducing front panel of the Nintendo Switch Dock. Right now, it sells for $20 / £16.93 and comes in three different patterns: Zelda Wind Waker, Zelda Spirit Tracks, Mario & Friends. Genius!


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