ARMS release date leaked by Amazon

Amazon Italy just listed the game for a release on 2 May

In the current list of games coming up on the Nintendo Switch, ARMS is in the most anticipated ones. And for three reasons. First, boxing each other with spring arms looks like a lot of fun. Second, it’s in the batch of new licences made by Nintendo, and the last one, Splatoon, is a big success. And third, everyone who already got their hands on a demo of really loved it. But now the question is: when is it coming?

Well, Amazon Italy just updated the page of ARMS and gives a release date on 2 May. It doesn’t seem to be some kind of error that must be quickly repaired or a placeholder (usually, Amazon just puts December of current year if it’s a placeholder). Nintendo hasn’t given any information that could confirm this yet, but if release is indeed set to release on 2 May, we won’t have to wait for long.

ARMS Switch Amazon

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