Monster Hunter XX gets Zelda, Okami, Hunter X Hunter and other collaborations

Big franchises will be featured in the new Monster Hunter XX

The expanded version of Monster Hunter Generations is coming later this march in Japan under the name Monster Hunter XX (pronounced “Double-Cross”), on Nintendo 3DS. Announced in a special Nintendo Direct back in October, this version will continue the tradition of the “G” or “Ultimate” versions before a new full game comes along (hopefully on Switch). And today, Capcom revealed lots of new collaborations with exclusive content to this new instalment. So hang on to your screen, here’s a tour of what’s been announced for Monster Hunter XX.

Hunter X Hunter

This week’s issue of Jump magazine spilled the beans: the popular manga and anime series Hunter x Hunter is coming in the Monster Hunter universe. It introduces a new Gon Armor, with the oh-so-peculiar Gon Janken transformation that we’ve see in the episode 131 of the anime. This set is in four parts: Gon Head”, “Gon Suit”, “Gon Arm”, and “Gon Leg”. Here’s the scan of Jump magazine to have a look.

Monster Hunter XX - Hunter X Hunter


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Capcom couldn’t miss the opportunity of bringing the biggest Nintendo game of march into their own big game. The special content, introduced with the video below, will be available by completing three special Zelda-themed event quests. To get these quest, players will apparently have to sync with 7-Eleven spots between April 24 and May 31. And once completed, here’s what it will unlock:

  • Test of Power: Ancient Weapon: Bow
  • Test of Courage: Hylia Series armour
  • Test of Wisdom: Korok Branch (Palico / Prowler weapon), Korok armor (Palico / Prowler armour)
  • Guild Card Backgrounds
  • Titles

Strider, GARO & Okami

Strider Hiryu, the Golden Knight Garo and the beloved Amaterasu are also coming to Monster Hunter XX through three series of content featured in these videos:

Ace Attorney

Capcom also confirmed that the famous lawyer will be featured through a new set of content: armour and weapon for your Felyne / Palico.

Monster Hunter XX Ace Attorney

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