BIT.TRIP series new game Runner3 is exclusive to Nintendo Switch

Indie studio Choice Provisions, formerly known as Gaijin Games Inc., has chosen the Nintendo Switch to host its latest game: Runner3. And even though some said in the past that the new instalment in the BIT.TRIP series would be a timed exclusive for the Nintendo system, that’s not the case. It will be an exclusive. Period.

And another good news, the one and only Charles Martinet (official voice of Mario) will once again do the voice over for this new game! CommanderVideo and all his creepy friends (and the Timbletot, errr) will return in Runner3 this Fall, on Nintendo Switch eShop.

“After years of spreading ourselves thin focusing on several platforms at once, it’s been an incredible relief to focus all our efforts on just one platform, and for it to be so easy to develop for.” – Dant Rambo, Producer, Choice Provisions.


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