Snake Pass slithers on Nintendo Switch with 11 minutes of gameplay

Thissssss game looksssssss pretty promisssssssing

Sumo Digital is bringing their action-puzzle video game Snake Pass on Nintendo Switch, and today we’ve got a first gameplay look on it. The guys at GameXplain got their hands on a pre-release version of Snake Pass at the Nindies Event, and made a video of this first slither in the levels.

This first video introduces a level called Paradise Path. It’s full of colours, there’s an overwhelming tropical feeling and we see that there’s been a lot of work put into some details (take a look at that grass). Some of you might get the feeling of a Rare Studio game while looking at this. And it’s quite normal since the soundtrack of the game is composed by former Rare musician David Wise.

Our cold-blooded hero “Noodle” has a peculiar movement mechanic, mirroring the slithering of a snake. He’s also followed by some kind of fat hummingbird, but we can’t really see why since our snake can progress through bamboo structures, tunnels and other puzzles on his own. We’ll have to hold that thought and wait for more info.

Snake Pass will release on 28 March is US ($19.99) and 29 March in Europe (€19.99/£15.99).

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