Mario Sports Superstars: all five sports shown in video

First Mario Sports Superstars players show footage of the game

Mario Sports Superstars will release this Friday on Nintendo 3DS and some early players are already sharing lots of content now that they’re able to talk about it. Youtuber NintendoDaan just put online a series of videos featuring all five games that we’ll be able to play in the game: Tennis, Soccer, Baseball, Horse Racing and Golf.

Each individual sport in Mario Sports Superstars will contain single player tournaments and local/online multiplayer game modes but here it’s the training session that we can take a look at. And this first footage is reassuring, the game will offer true experience of each sport and not some kind of cheap arcade-like version of it. Plus, amiibo aficionados will be pleased to know that a collection of amiibo cards will be released along with the game.






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