“It’s dangerous to go alone” easter egg in Zelda Breath of the Wild

The one and only easter egg from the original Zelda is back

Nintendo has stuffed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with a massive amount of content. Side quests, collectibles, armors and outfits, cooking recipes, shrines and fairy fountains, even Epona! And with all this, BigN also thought of slipping an easter egg of the first Zelda ever here and there, like the comeback of the Rafts or Spectacle Rock.

Today, youtuber TheEasterEggHunter found another one, and it refers to the catchphrase everyone knows: “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone“. A direct reference to the Old Man from The Legend of Zelda, the one that gave us our first sword. As if with this easter egg in Breath of the Wild, he was still showing us the way to adventure.

This one has been hanging right in front of our nose. But the thing is that you have to know how to read Hylian (and the specific version of the language in BotW since it evolves between games) to get it. This fan made a video to explain where it is precisely and how to see it. Here it is:

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