Zelda Breath of the Wild: How to get infinite stamina while climbing?

Here's a little trick to go up the highest mountains in the game

A big part of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of he Wild involves climbing. Like we said it in our “10 Tips to Start your Journey in Hyrule” guide, the higher you’ll go, the more rewarding will be your adventure. However, sometimes the mountain is just too high, or maybe it’s your stamina meter that is just not upgraded enough. But anyway, here’s a trick to get around that problem.

GameXplain youtuber found out yesterday while playing that you can tweak the game to make Link believe that he’s on a steep surface while climbing. What does that allow you to do? That’s right, run. So if you find yourself in lack of energy, just let go your hold on the wall and move forward. Your stamina meter will start to regenerate. It even allows you to avoid slipping when it rains.

Oh and careful while you watch this video, there’s a slight spoiler right at the last 20 seconds. So stop it at this moment if you haven’t spend too much time in the game yet.

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