Shakedown Hawaii: Retro City Rampage sequel heading for 3DS with 60fps

The crazy retro-style GTA-like is back in a sequel on Nintendo 3DS

Last week’s Nintendo Switch Indie Showcase was packed of mouthwatering games to come up on the Switch this year. And during the presentation, Vblank Entertainment studio announced the arrival on the system of the sequel of Retro City Rampage. It’s called Shakedown Hawaii, and this time, it’s in 16-bit baby.

We already know since last year that the game is also scheduled for a release on 3DS eShop. But there’s an update on that. Vblank Entertainment just confirmed that Shakedown Hawaii will be available on both original and New 3DS models, and will render at 60fps on all systems. The game will also support the C-Stick.

Shakedown Hawaii will release on Nintendo Switch in April and on 3DS in 2017.



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