I Am Setsuna: Japanese physical copy can be played in english

The physical copy of I Am Setsuna in Japan can be played in english

If you’re still hesitating to get I Am Setsuna, the Japanese RPG from Tokyo RPG Factory, on your Nintendo Switch just because it’s in digital copy in Europe and North America, here’s a good news!

The find comes from Reddit user dodo667418, who imported a physical copy of I Am Setsuna from Japan and, to his surprise, found out that Square Enix let the french and english subtitles in it. No restrictions, nothing to download or update, it’s just packed in it and you can enjoy your game as soon as you pop it in the Switch.

Now, of course there’s a downside: the price. Right now, I Am Setsuna is sold on the Nintendo eShop at $39.99 (US) / £29.99 (UK). If you order it on Amazon Japan, it’s about the same price (¥ 4,467) but with the cost of shipping and potential import charges, you can expect to pay around $50 / £40. It’s not that much more to get the physical copy but hey, that’s your choice.


They Japanese physical copy of *I am Setsuna* can be played in English. from NintendoSwitch

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