Fire Emblem Heroes: an update for Princes vs Princesses event, story maps, arena battles and quests

A big march update with the Princes and Princesses Voting Gauntlet Event

Today’s update for Fire Emblem Heroes brings a lot of new content related to a Princes vs Princesses Voting Gauntlet Event, that will be available up until 13 March. This special event will ask you to choose one of eight royals: Alfonse, Sharena, Chrom, Lucina, Ephraim, Eirika, Leo, and Elise. You will then support this character by battling for his/her honor, just like in a tournament. And at the end, the best Prince will fight against the best Princess to decide which one is victorious.

There is also two new Summoning Events in this “Princes vs Princesses Voting Gauntlet Event” update, with a temporary Quest to complete. A Story Map have also been added, without and end date, so this will probably be live even after the end of the event on 13 March. And at last, the third wave of Arena Bonus Fire Emblem Heroes Characters is available. They are shown in the picture below.

  • Event (until 13 March): The Princes and Princesses Voting Gauntlet Event.
  • Summoning Event (until 13 March):  “Princes”. It features Chrom, Leo, and Ephraim.
  • Summoning Event (until 13 March): “Princesses”. It features Erika, Lucina, and Elise.
  • Story Map (no end date specified): New Paralogue added: Xenologue 1 – Detached Princess
  • Arena Battles: The third wave of Bonus Characters is live. Characters featured are shown in the pic below
  • Quests (until 13 March): Princes vs Princesses Voting Gauntlet Event Quests


Fire Emblem Heroes Arena Battles 3rd Wave




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