Blaster Master Zero: an 8-bit style platform game coming to Switch

Set off to an 8-bit style adventure that revives the good ol' NES era

Third party developers welcome the Nintendo Switch with open arms with more and more games announced on the console every day that goes by. And this Thursday, it will be the turn of another game from Inti Creates Studio: Blaster Master Zero.

The game is an 8-bit style side scrolling platform game. You play Jason Frudnick, a curious young robotic genius who sets off on an underground adventure with his SOPHIA THE 3RD tank to find the whereabouts of Fred, his pet frog (yep) and destroy evil mutants.

Blaster Master Zero will feature the neat Joy-Cons’ HD Rumble and co-op multiplayer mode.

Blaster Master Zero releases on 9th March on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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