Nintendo Switch launch sales at 80,000 units in UK

Nintendo Switch sales are twice those of the Wii U, that's a good start.

Whereas GameStop relates that the Nintendo Switch launch in North America is a clear success, we’ve received sales numbers for launch in the UK. GamesIndustry states that after having a feedback from the main retailers across the country, the Nintendo Switch sold to approximately 80,000 units in the UK during its opening weekend.

That looks pretty great knowing that the Wii U only sold to half of that during its opening weekend back in late 2013. Now, let’s take a step back and see if that’s really a great start for the new Nintendo system. We’ve gathered some numbers on the respective launch weekend sales of the past systems. Those are all UK numbers (just to be clear). We can see that the Nintendo Switch is far below the sales of Xbox One and PS4 for launch weekend, but way higher than Wii U.

  • 250k – PlayStation 4
  • 165k – PlayStation 3
  • 150k – Xbox One
  • 113k – 3DS
  • 105k – Wii
  • 87k – DS
  • 80k – Switch
  • 70k – Xbox 360
  • 69k – GameCube
  • 67k – GameBoy Advance
  • 61k – PSVita
  • 52k – Xbox
  • 47k – GBA SP
  • 46k – PlayStation 2
  • 40k – Wii U

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