A portable SNES mod with built-in screen

This modder is clearly a big SNES fan, and this is his creation

Almost 30 years after it’s release, the SNES is still one of the most beloved consoles amongst the players. And if most of the modders out there try to create alternate versions of iconic consoles with the goal of maximising portability, this is clearly not what we have here. But we love it.

Behold the last creation of twitter user and Nintendo fan @huxarufaxara. This guy took the casing of a Super Famicom (the Japanese name of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System) and created some kind of GameBoy with it. There’s a controller merged inside, a screen right above it, and a cartridge slot on top. Oh and the sound comes right out of it. Genius!!

We can’t really see if this (big) baby runs on battery but we don’t care, just take our money man.

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