Zelda Breath of the Wild: How to get Epona?

Here's how to find and tame Epona in the latest Zelda game

Now that you’ve started your adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you must have tried to tame your own wild horse(s). Some are more easy than others, but we bet you can’t let go the idea that they’re not Epona. Ah, they’re surely nothing compared to the fierce and iconic steed of the series. Eiji Aonuma teased that she’ll be somewhere in the game, but without saying how to find her. Now that the game is out and that we’ve given it a few hours of play, we’ve found out how to get her. And here’s how.

SPOILER !! The above content reveals spoilers about a functionality of the Sheikah Slate. You’ve been warned.


Actually, it is actually pretty simple to acquire Epona in Breath of the Wild. All you’ll need is one amiibo. A specific one: Adult Link from Super Smash Bros. series. Once that’s done, just go out in the wild, and scan it using the amiibo Rune on the Sheikah Slate. Epona will pop just in front of you. She won’t need to be tamed, you’ll just have to go register her at a stable. Doing so will give you a unique bridle and saddle.

Just so you know, since Epona is considered as a Horse of Legend, the stablemaster won’t allow you to rename her. She has a four-star rating for Strength, Speed and Stamina, a General temperament, and Max Bond with you.

Oh and if the battles happen to be too much for her and she comes to die, the Adult Link amiibo won’t work to revive her. what you’ll need to do is head to Malanya Spring in the Lake Tower region. There, the fairy Malanya will offer to revive her in exchange of 1 000 Ruppes.

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