Zelda Breath of the Wild: Where are the fairy fountains ?

Fairy fountains are back in Breath of the Wild. But where?

Since the Switch Presentation 2017, we know that the Great Fairy Fountains are back in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. But unless you’ve already found one ingame, you won’t know what is their purpose or where they are scattered. Want to know?

So, you will find four Great Fairy Fountains across Hyrule, each one under the protection of a gigantic Ocarina of Time inspired fairy: Cotera, Kaysa, Mija and Tera. And they are not that obvious to find, they don’t look like a fountain (we won’t say more, no spoilers). To restore their power and have access to them, you will need to pay rupees. Each one you find will require more: 100, 500, 1,000, and 10,000 Rupees. So be sure to be loaded before going to a Fountain hunt. What do they give you? Each Great Fairy will grant you a level upgrade of your armour by using materials in your inventory.


Cotera’s Great Fairy Fountain

This fairy fountain will most likely be the first one you’ll find. You will come across it during your quest “Find the Fairy Fountain”. It is located northeast of Kakariko Village, right next to Ta’loh Naeg Shrine in a small forest. Look for something like a gigantic bright flower with a staircase. Don’t be shy when you interact with it, it’s not a trap.

Zelda Cotera’s Great Fairy Fountain

Kaysa’s Great Fairy Fountain

This fairy fountain should be the second one you find. It is patiently waiting in the West ofMount Rhoam. Cross the Tabantha Great Bridge and search near Piper Ridge. Or, you can go to Nero Hill and climb the Tabantha Tower to look South. Plus, you can paraglide from there. The Side Quest “A Gift for the Great Fairy” (received from Toren at Tabantha Bridge Stable) will help you find it.Zelda Kaysa’s Great Fairy Fountain

Mija’s Great Fairy Fountain

This fairy fountain is in the Akkala Highlands, between Kaepora Pass and Lake Akkala. The closest Shrine is Dah Hesho but you can also teleport to Akkala Tower if you haven’t done the shrine at this point of the game. From Dah Hesho Shrine, paraglide down to the East where there’s a forested patch.

Zelda Mija’s Great Fairy Fountain

Tera’s Great Fairy Fountain

This fairy fountain is lost far in Gerudo Desert’s south-west corner, underneath the Gerudo Great Skeleton. It will be the last fountain you’ll find since it’s in a secluded area. The closest Shrine is Hawa Koth. You will see it from afar, a big blooming flower in a desert is not a thing you encounter every day.

Zelda Tera’s Great Fairy Fountain

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