How to remove a stuck Joy-Con wrist strap ?

Nintendo explains how to remove a badly attached Joy-Con wrist strap

Ok, it’s good to know we’re not the only ones who had this problem of a stuck wrist strap. When first unboxing our Nintendo Switch, we tried everything that was there, had the first fresh “out of the box” smell of the device, felt the texture of the Joy-Cons, and plugged the wrist straps to them. No, we didn’t lick the cartridges.

But when we tried to unplug the Joy-Cons to the wrist straps, a problem showed up. One of them simply didn’t want to slide off.

After 5 minutes trying, we told ourselves that pulling the little part with some strength (and hoping nothing would break) was the best option. We were lucky and the Joy-Con was free of its wrist strap but men, what happened there? Well, it seems that if you’re not paying attention, you can slide the wrist strap in the wrong alignment and get both stuck.

Instead of trying your luck and ripping the thing off, just take a look at this video made by Nintendo Japan. They explain that the best thing to do is to unlock the wrist strap, hold the strap with one hand and pull the other part. Et voila !

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