First Nintendo Switch issues: Blue/Orange Screen of Death and flickering screen

Users experience big issues with their Nintendo Switch

You’d expect Nintendo Switch owners to all enjoy their first days in gaming, but looks like some of them already experience trouble with their system. While most of us are giving hell to bokoblins or doing wizard battles, some already report having technical issues related to both screen and battery of their console. So be careful guys, here’s what might come to you (but we hope not).

Blue Screen of Death

This one is an old Windows issue that we thought would never come to other platforms. But Reddit user supportdevil shared the bad news of having the infamous “Blue Screen of Death” on his Nintendo Switch. This occurred while playing to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, “then the screen went white and the Switch got very noisy“. Supportdevil restarted his system and the BSOD came up. Unfortunately, his first move was to contact Nintendo Support, that confirmed the sad death of his Switch. There’s no clue on what triggered this BSOD so let’s cross our fingers it never happens to us.

Anyone got the Bluescreen already mine died a sec ago from NintendoSwitch

Orange Screen of Death

Another variant of the BSOD also exists on the Nintendo Switch: the “Orange Screen of Death”. This one was reported from Reddit user alphaping, who reports that he just placed his system in its dock overnight and found the OSOD the next day. That’s an unfortunate way to say Good Morning little Switch…

If you happen to get this problem, rest assured. Alphaping apparently fixed the issue by shutting the console off and turning it back on. So it looks like that’s not the death of your Switch if it happens. But you might contact Nintendo Support just to ask to a repair, in case it got worse.

Anyone else get the orange screen? from NintendoSwitch

Flickering Screen

Another issue reported on the forums is related to the screen itself. Twitter user Joakim Bodin reports on his account having a flickering screen while playing Zelda Breath of the Wild. Don’t really know how it came up, probably something related to the massive open-world of the game but Nintendo hasn’t confirmed anything. The player was in luck to have a spare console (hum ok…) but that seems to be a problem that would need a full system repair.

Can’t connect to Wi-Fi

Others players have mentioned Wi-Fi issues with their system, thus blocking them to get the day one update. If you encounter this one, a Reddit user suggests to switch your home internet between 2.5Ghz and 5Ghz.

And if all fails, your last resort is to go check the Nintendo Official Error Code website for the Switch.


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